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Hidden beneath the waters off Okinawa, Japan, lies one of the greatest mysteries of present day archaeology. Majestic stone structures lying between 60 to 100 feet under the waters surface. Man made, made by nature - these enigmatic structures have the Japanese wondering if their homeland was once part of the lost continent Mu, the Asiatic version of Atlantis. Stone terraces, right angled blocks and walls, stone circles encompassing hexagonal columns look intriguingly, if not conclusively, man made. A road encircling the structures, which encompass eight seperate sites appear to point to human hands in their creation.&nbsp

There also appear to be post holes, that may have been used as braces for wooden poles, perhaps to support a structure. There are steps, and most amazingly, castles with similiar archietecture located on the land nearby. The two sites that are getting the most attention : near the city of Naha, Okinawa and another just south of the small island of Yonaguni, the southernmost island of Japan. The latter is an extensive site wih five irregular layers that look like ceremonial, terraced platforms. Interestingly, but not surprisingly, scientists are slow to accept even the possibility that these structures could be man made, and heres the reason. First of all, these sites have not been above the surface of the ocean since before the end of the last Ice Age, which would put their ages between 8 and 12 thousand years old. Since constructing these would have required tools and machinery, the acceptance of the fact that these are man made would turn the world of archaeology on its head, as modern archaeologists do not accept that man was that advanced at that time. Its another example of our society refusing to look at uncomfortable evidence, no matter how strong it may be, for reasons I personally cannot fathom. I would think that revolutionary discoveries would be exciting in the scientific community. Some skeptics claim that these structures are natural, and are just the result of natural erosion. Yet if that were the case, there would be some debris at the base of these structures, or even nearby, and yet there is none. We will just have to wait for the evidence to mount, as these waters are some of the most dangerous in the world to dive, between swift currents and sharks, it is a chore to keep ones self safe nevermind scientific!